Community Open House: New Emergency & Surgical Wing

THANK YOU for joining us at the Grand Opening Events of YOUR New Emergency & Surgical Wing!

The energy is soaring at JHS, everyone is beaming with excitement. Thursday was wonderful – our C.A.R.E. Teams were energized and excited to step inside and see the new facility for the first time. Senator Vogel made a comment in his speech at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, “The vibe here feels like Christmas morning!” So many Medical Staff came to tour on Friday evening, and were energized by what we’ve built them. Dr. McGann said, “They built us a new stadium!” Our community’s response on Saturday took our breath away. Our Board Members who were stationed at the main entrance proudly greeting guests estimate 4,000+ joined us. And they were there because they were interested in what we built for them, and they left PROUD! The words we used in our communications with them infused ownership – “Welcome to YOUR New Emergency Department!” and “Thank you for visiting YOUR New Surgical Department!” And, they left with a renewed, inspired vision of our entire health system.

Our community has expressed to us how impressed they are that “this” facility is in New Castle! It’s a beautiful thing. Kim Nocera shared with us that people are saying, “There is no need to go to Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh came to us,” and today’s front page feature in the New Castle News closes with this statement that she shared with each group as they exited the Surgical Department, “Thank you for touring your department – because it belongs to all of you.”

Here are links to 3 front page features in the New Castle News that ran Thursday (ED), Friday (OR) and today (Community Open House post-event). We also had excellent TV and radio coverage that many got to see over the weekend. And please “like” the official JHS Facebook page ( to view Community Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony photos, follow the news and updates on OUR New Emergency & Surgical Wing, and all of the NEW that is upcoming!

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View the Grand Opening TOUR MAPS of the New Emergency & Surgical Wing!

Our New Emergency & Surgical Departments Building

Learn all about the 55,000 square foot, $22 million project. View progress photos, understand the purpose - the benefits and explore the EXCITEMENT of this new level of sophistication in healthcare expansion for our region. 

GRAND OPENING Event Festivities

  • Thursday, March 21st
    Care Team "Engagement Party": Staff, Volunteers, Students
    6:30am - 8:30am  11am - 1pm   3pm - 5pm
  • Friday, March 22nd 
    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Reception by invitation
       11am - 2pm
    Healthcare Partners Reception by invitation
       4pm - 7pm
  • Saturday, March 23rd
    Community Open House open to all - all ages
       11am - 2pm
    "The Art of Healing" Local Artist Exhibition Opening & Judging + Meet the Artists

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