C.A.R.E. Heroes

Our values tell you who we are. They represent our patient-centered Care Teams and recognized physician talent. All translating into leading-edge quality outcomes and the very best care-- close to home. C.A.R.E. is what you experience when you are our patient or guest. C.A.R.E. is our Jameson Health System promise--We live our values delivering heartfelt Compassion, positive Attitude with utmost Respect and overall performance Excellence.

Nominate a CARE Hero 
A C.A.R.E. Hero is a Jameson Health System employee or student who lives out our organizational values of Compassion, Attitude, Respect and Excellence in an exemplary way, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional experiences for our patients and their loved ones. C.A.R.E. Heroes can be nominated by patients and their families, physicians, co-workers, students and anyone visiting or touched by our health system facilities. Thank you for helping us to recognize our employees who are living our values, delivering five-star experiences at our health system.

How to Nominate Your Hero 

CARE Heroes of the Past, Present, and Future

March 2014 Hero 
Ray Olinger | Environmental Services

February 2014 Hero 
Debbie Thompson | Surgical Services

January 2014 Hero 
Ruth Brenner | Telemetry Care Unit

December 2013 Hero 
Tiffany Buckley | Admitting

November 2013 Hero 
Jim Drake | Emergency Services 

October 2013 Hero 
Connie DePaolo| Emergency Services 

September 2013 Hero 
Annette DeMase | Behavioral Health Unit


August 2013 Hero 
Erin Medure | Maternity Care Unit

July 2013 Hero 
Callie Porter & Tina Donofrio | Information Management

June 2013 Hero
Wendy SipeTherapeutic Recreation Nurse

May 2013 Hero
Rachel Alberico | JHS Care Specialist Nesbitt Place Nurse

April 2013 Hero
Todd Wagner | Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Student

March 2013 Hero
Allie Thimons - Nursing Services

February 2013 Hero
Jami Maslyk - Nursing Services

January 2013 Hero 
Matt Foster - Emergency Department Technician, Nursing Services

December 2013 Hero 
Debi Novak - Payroll Coordinator, Fiscal Services

November 2012 Hero
Andy Bruno - Assistant Director of Environmental Services, Jameson Care Center

October 2012 Hero 
Carol Fullerton, Registered Nurse - Cardiology, Jameson Hospital

September 2012 Hero
Barry Crocker - Security Guard, Jameson Hospital

August 2012 Hero
Ron Shollenberger - Director of Pharmacy, Jameson Hospital

July 2012 Hero 
Melanie McKnight, Registered Nurse - 3SW Medical/Oncology/Hospice Unit, Jameson Hospital

June 2012 Hero
 Marieta Logue, Occupational Therapist - Jameson Rehabilitation Center

May 2012 Hero 
Shelley Hudson, Registered Nurse - 2SE Congestive Heart Failure Unit, Jameson Hospital

April 2012 Hero
Beth Stump, Nursing Assistant - Emergency Department, Jameson Hospital