New JHS: Quality

New JHS: Quality

Quality Driven
Hardwired Excellence: Patient Experience + Quality Outcomes

Quality Initiatives & Recognition

  • HighmarkQualityBLUEMaximum Achievement Level FY2012 projects
  • Readmissions, Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections, Diabetes Identification, Sepsis
  • Highmark QualityBLUE Regional Best Practice Hospital for Surgical Safety
  • UPMC Quality Initiative Best Practice Perinatal and ED Readmissions
  • Voluntary Hospitals of America HEN project Falls Reduction
  • Voluntary Hospitals of America Achieving Patient Care Excellence Award: CAUTI Elimination
  • UnitedHealthcare Gold Star Program Recognition national leader in hospital-acquired infectious disease reduction
  • HealthGrades Recognitions

    Emergency Medicine, Gynecological Surgery, Cardiac Interventions, Congestive Heart Failure, Pulmonary Care, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Treatment & Outcomes

  • For more information, visit Quality

Patient Experience Initiatives

  • Patient/Family Focused Communication Pilot
    aimed at decreasing readmissions with enhanced multi-departmental team collaboration and communication with the patient/family: in-hospital & post-discharge physicians, nursing, pharmacy, case management, social work, nutritional, environmental, etc.
  • Inpatient Sister Unit Pairing cross-training and shared resources
  • ER Bedside Reporting shift-change report with patient/family at bedside
  • JHS-wide Customer Service Initiatives
  • Consistent Messaging (Scripting) & Proactive Communication
  • Proactive Service Recovery
  • Embracing Family & Guests as Customers
  • Point of Care Rehabilitation Services (at the bedside)
  • 2012/2013: Health System Wide Customized Consistent Messaging

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