School of Radiography Holds Graduation Ceremony

Date: 07/09/2012

Jameson Health System’s School of Radiography and Specialty programs held its annual graduation ceremony at Jameson Hospital South Campus on Thursday, May 24th

There were a total of six graduates, five in Radiography, and one in Computerized Tomography.

Radiography graduates were:  Brittany Lynn Bullock of Hubbard, OH; Amber Rachelle Ezzo of Hubbard, OH; Bert M. Miles of New Castle Pa; Robert Adam Moorman of Crestline, OH and Lisa A. VanKirk of New Castle, Pa. Specialty program graduate, Victoria Aida Steiner of Campbell, OH graduated from the school of Computerized Tomography.

All five of the x-ray graduates have been accepted into specialty programs at Jameson Hospital. Miles and VanKirk will be attending MRI school; Bullock and Ezzo will be attending CAT Scan School; Moorman will be attending the Nuclear Medicine School.

Miles won the outstanding academic award and the Lucien Clinical Excellence Award for outstanding clinical student. Miles also placed in the 98th percentile for the National Registry Examination.  In February, he was hired as a student technologist at Jameson Hospital. He will work part time while also attending MRI school.

Robert Moorman won the Phoenix Award, given to the graduating student who had to overcome the most personal obstacles to complete their education.

Master of ceremonies Bob Ondo, PACS administrator, Medical Imaging/Radiation Safety Officer; Jane Beight, Director of Diagnostic Services; and David W. Hyser, Director of the School of Radiography and Specialty Programs, spoke during the ceremony.  Mrs. Jane Beight, Jameson’s Administrative Director of Medical Imaging & Laboratory Services, gave the keynote address.