JHS Welcomes Muhammad Arif, M.D. Pain Management Specialist

Date: 11/09/2012

Jameson Hospital is exceptionally pleased to expand our Pain Management Program with the addition of Muhammad Arif, M.D. who holds the distinction of interventional pain management specialist and physical medicine and rehabilitation physician.  Dr. Arif is a surgery trained physiatrist and trained from an accredited pain management fellowship program.  He delivers comprehensive pain management utilizing a multidisciplinary approach.  He diagnosis and treats the most complex of pain conditions with innovative, minimally-invasive techniques to help improve quality of life. 

Dr. Arif’s broad base of expertise and technical skill will combine to provide a full spectrum of advanced treatments for the management of chronic pain to the region.  He performs innovative techniques to treat chronic pain conditions, such as: back pain, neck pain, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia,  bursitis, tendonitis, cancer pain, carpal/tarsal tunnel snydrome, herniated discs, post-surgical pain,  migraine headaches, post traumatic pain, Raynaud’s Snydrome, reflect sympathetic dystrophy, complex regional pain syndromes, shingles; and strain/sprains of the neck, chest or back.

Dr. Arif brings the talent and experience that further advance the cutting edge procedures being performed at JHS Pain Management.  “At Jameson, I’m able to deliver what I believe in, establishing close relationships with patients in an independent hospital setting.  With training and practice experience in New York City and Pittsburgh, I’m pleased to bring my expertise to the Jameson Health System,” says Dr. Arif. “I’m at a practice where I deliver what I believe in – providing an integrative model of individualized, patient-centered care by providing evidence-based contemporary solutions to treat the pain.”

Dr. Arif is currently seeing all new patients at JHS Pain Management located at the Jameson Hospital South Campus, 1000 South Mercer Street, New Castle, PA. With training in general surgery, physical medicine /rehabilitation and pain management, Dr. Arif delivers comprehensive care specializing in the evaluation and treatment of many types of pain.He received his medical school training at Rawalpindi Medical College in India.  He then completed his general surgery internship and physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at State University of New York in Brooklyn, NY.  The doctor is Fellowship trained in Pain Management from the University of Pittsburgh.

Accepting all new patients, contact Dr. Arif at JHS Pain Management to make an appointment by calling 724-656-6086. More information can be obtained by visiting www.jamesonhealth.org/painmedicine.