Renovated ADA Patient Room at Jameson Hospital is Dedicated in Honor and Memory of Debra J. Librandi

Date: 11/16/2012

On Tuesday, November 20th, Jameson Hospital will dedicate a newly-renovated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) patient room in honor and memory of Ms. Debra J. Librandi. Ms. Librandi, who unexpectedly passed away last year, was a local advocate of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Debra graduated as valedictorian in 1986 from New Castle Area High School and was a member of the National Honor Society. She attended Youngstown State University and was also on the Deans list. In 1995, she received the Salute to Courage Award from St. Francis Hospital. Ms. Librandi played an active role collaborating with Jameson Hospital management and staff to create user-designed enhancements to the ADA-compliant patient room from the perspective of a disabled person.

To pay tribute and thanks to Ms. Librandi for her dedication and guidance, Jameson Health System and the Jameson Hospital Board of Directors are paying tribute by dedicating the ADA patient room 205 in Ms. Librandi’s honor and memory. Debra was active in Disability Options Network, a consumer controlled non-profit membership organization empowering people will disabilities to live independently, as they choose.  Through Debra’s leadership and involvement, Jameson formed a collaborative relationship with Disability Options Network in the year 2010.

The room’s décor is reflective of Debra’s joys in life. Butterfly artwork provided by her mother, Mrs. Pat Librandi, will adorn the walls of room 205. After the untimely death of her brother, Debra and her mother gravitated toward the images of butterflies for comfort. Debra’s mother also donated artwork for the room depicting the words, “Live, Love, Laugh” – Debra’s motto in life.

“Jameson Hospital is grateful for Debra’s passion and role as a profound advocate for persons with disabilities in our community,” comments Doug Danko, President and CEO of Jameson Health System. “Debra’s voice was heard, and her vision now comes to life at Jameson Hospital.”

During the dedication ceremony, Mr. Danko will provide Ms. Librandi’s family with a Resolution from the Board of Directors.  Special guests are Debra’s mother, Pat, and her brother, Dr. George Librandi.  The ceremony will be for family, friends, and invitees from Disability Options Network.  For more information, please contact the Jameson Health System Public Relations Department at 724.656.4145.