Jameson Health System Volunteer Recognition 2011

Date: 04/15/2011

Jameson Health System Volunteer Recognition 2011

New Castle, PA – April 15, 2011 - The invaluable contributions made by over 400 volunteers of the Jameson Health Sysm were brought into the spotlight with a Volunteer Recognition luncheon on April 14th at The Villa in celebration of National Volunteer Week.

Cyndee Adamo, Volunteer Coordinator, welcomed the volunteers to the delicious lunch prepared in their honor thanking them for their dedication to the Health System throughout the years.

Lisa Lombardo, Director of Public Relations/Marketing opened the celebration commending the volunteers who give the gift of time to Jameson.  Time, one of the most precious gifts given by volunteers “make a difference every day” to Jameson and all those touched by Jameson. 

Doug Danko, President/CEO, welcomed the volunteers and thanked them on behalf of the boards of directors, the physicians and the employees.  He expressed his appreciation for their dedication and personal commitment to assist Jameson in being a quality healthcare facility.  The volunteers are a powerful force tirelessly giving over 41,000 hours of service for the past year. 

Stan Miller, Jazz Saxophonist and vocalist, entertained the guests with a rendition of songs with his own stamp of style, grace and flair in every performance as he delivered a rendition of classic standards. 

Jameson’s Volunteer Program is tailored to accentuate individual’s gifts and talents. Volunteers can choose to give back by performing in positions offering a wide variety of volunteer positions that can be tailored to individuals’ availability, skill sets and interests.  Daniel Kushner, volunteer pianist, said, “By volunteering we open ourselves up, not only to praise but to scrutiny; we take on new responsibilities and challenges.  We meet new faces and make new friends.  But most importantly we make someone’s life a little easier, and that makes all the difference.”

Volunteer contributions are endless.  Jameson’s volunteers come from all walks of life and their motivation is driven by their enthusiasm to make a difference in the community by volunteering at Jameson.  They have a heart filled with compassion for their fellow mankind.  Volunteers make a difference every day.