Jameson Health System Celebrates the New Emergency & Surgical Departments Building Ground Breaking Ceremony

Date: 04/27/2011

Jameson Health System Celebrates the
Emergency & Surgical Departments Building
Ground Breaking Ceremony

New Castle, PA 16105 ·April 26, 2011 – On May 6, 2011, a Ground Breaking Ceremony will commence construction of the new Emergency and Surgical Departments Building of Jameson Hospital, an estimated $16 million project scheduled for completion within 16 to 20 months. The ceremony will begin at 11:00 a.m. to be held outside of the ER entrance at Jameson Hospital - 1211 Wilmington Avenue, New Castle, PA 16105 - followed by a reception at the adjacent School of Nursing Auditorium. 

Those in attendance will include: Jameson Health System Board Leadership, Management Staff, Medical Staff, Employees and Volunteers; Previous Emergency & Surgical Patients, including those featured in print testimonials sharing their experiences; Distinguished Guests, including State Representative Chris Sainato, State Senator Elder Vogel, Jr. and State Senator Bob Robbins who have advocated project funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There is an open invitation to attend the Ceremony and Reception. Please contact Mary Ann Marino at 724.656.4145 or mmarino@jamesonhealth.orgif you plan to attend.

Impact of the ProjectJameson Health System has embarked on a plan to significantly expand and improve medical care available to the region we serve.  Jameson will construct a new three-story Emergency (ER) and Surgical Department Building on the south side of the current Jameson Hospital North Campus.  This 66,000 square-foot facility will make a marked difference in the quality and level of service available from the ER and Surgical Departments.

The new construction will be connected to Jameson Hospital with a glass-enclosed walkway and include a rooftop helipad, 30 patient emergency rooms, six operating rooms and two endoscopy suites. The building project including internal furnishings and equipment is projected to cost $16 million. The new building will have a number of advantages over the current facility.  First, the new ER and Surgical Departments Building will mean an improvement in the quality and level of care.  Second, it will minimize the need for patients to travel to large metropolitan centers for treatment. Third, it will enhance physician recruitment attracting a larger number of physicians to build practices in surrounding communities. Fourth, it will strengthen the economic impact that Jameson already has by increasing payroll and benefits beyond the $75 million that the Health System circulates back into the local economy.

A Better ER DepartmentJameson’s current ER Department has capacity for 28,000 patients a year and is currently treating over 40,000. It is not uncommon to have an average of 28 patients in need of emergency care with only 19 semi-private patient treatment areas available.  The new facility will increase the ER’s current capacity by 63% including 30 private patient rooms, speed-up admissions, provide more space for the waiting area, enhance privacy and create a more comfortable patient environment.  Patients will receive higher and more efficient levels of life-saving care from triage to treatment. 

Surgical Care Leading Us to the Future With the increased demand for ER services comes the need for Surgical Care that is able to incorporate rapidly-evolving medical science and procedures. In order to remain on the cutting edge of surgical specialties, Jameson must upgrade its current surgical facility. Award-winning low infection rates and innovative quality techniques characterize the collaborative physician-staff team at Jameson. As an example of that teamwork, Jameson Hospital was recognized in 2010 as a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement by Highmark QualityBLUE.  Jameson’s new Surgical Department will provide dedicated, state-of-the-art orthopedic and endoscopy operating rooms.

Jameson Health System President and CEO, Doug Danko, commented, “The uncertain times of healthcare reform are upon us.  Government and managed care reimbursements are both tightening and diminishing as the healthcare marketplace becomes increasingly competitive. In order to remain independent and free to meet the needs of the communities we serve and to provide employment for over 1,300 local families, Jameson must be strongly positioned for this future. The new ER and Surgical Departments are pivotal factors in our continued growth, fiscal stability and sustained independence.” Danko added, “On May 6th, we break ground. The good things we’re building are in turn building a better future for all of us.”