"Biggest Loser Challenge - Finale Event" June 24th

Date: 06/24/2011

Jameson Health System “Biggest Loser Challenge - Finale Event” on June 24th

WHAT:         As part of Jameson Health System’s 2011 Employee Wellness Program, “Building A New You,” employees participated in a three-month health system-wide “Biggest Loser” team challenge for this first ever Jameson movement to trim inches, drop pounds and build wellness together.To make it even more interesting, President and CEO, Doug Danko proposed “Danko’s Dare” to challenge employees to collectively, as a health-system lose a higher percentage of weight than him during the competition timeframe.

                        Doug Danko and the 200 participants will convene, sporting “Because I lost, I won Danko’s Dare” Finale Event t-shirts, to share their stories, find out the results and become inspired to continue the wellness. The event will close with a group “Finale Wellness Walk” around campus.

WHO:           Jameson Health System Biggest Loser Employee Participants, Coaches and Health System Leadership will be available for interviews.  Hear stories of the team-hosted health system-wide activities such as Zumba, kickboxing, tai-chi, aerobics at lunch and yoga classes; a health system-wide healthy dessert contest;  weekly team weigh-ins; and more creative, team-building events. Speak with individuals about their life-altering health improvements, tips and advice on how they lost the weight, ideas for healthy eating and much more.

WHY:            As the leading healthcare facility in the region, as well as the largest employer, the employees of Jameson Health System are practicing what they preach through this focused initiative for enhanced wellness. Come to witness the results: the total pounds lost, total weight loss percentages, winning teams, winning individuals… and the answer to the biggest question of all – did the employees beat “Danko’s Dare?” Hear stories from employees who’ve lost several sizes, improved cholesterol and blood pressures – even decreased or gone off of certain medications - and who’ve bonded building close-knit friendships with co-workers they may have never encountered.

WHEN:         Friday, June 24, 2011. 12:00 p.m. – 12:30pm

WHERE:       JamesonHospital, 1211 Wilmington Avenue, New Castle, PA 16105
The finale event will be held in main outside Courtyard

Please contact Mary Ann Marino at 724.656.4145 or mmarino@jamesonhealth.org if you plan to attend.