Jameson Pain Clinic Expands and Hosts a Free Pain Screening Event in Honor of National Pain Awareness Month

Date: 09/15/2011

Jameson Pain Clinic Expands and Hosts a Free Pain Screening Event
in Honor of National Pain Awareness Month

New Castle, PA – September 15, 2011 Jameson Health System is exceptionally pleased to welcome the practice of pain management specialists Tracy L. Neuendorf, D.O., FAOCA and Muhammad Arif, M.D. to the Jameson Pain Clinic, located at the Jameson Hospital South Campus in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Along with John Wrightson, M.D., existing practitioner of the Clinic, the physicians will honor National Pain Awareness Month by hosting a Free Pain Screening Event to be held at the Jameson Pain Clinic on September 22nd

Dr. Neuendorf is a Board Certified Pain Management specialist and Board Certified Anesthesiologist. 
Dr. Arif and Dr. Wrightson share the distinction of the pain management specialty and are additionally Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians.

The physicians’ broad base of expertise and technical skill will combine to provide a full spectrum of advanced treatments for the management of chronic pain to the New Castle region.  The pain specialists perform innovative techniques to treat chronic pain conditions, such as: compression fractures; spinal stenosis; arthritis; bursitis; tendonitis; cancer; carpal/tarsal tunnel snydrome; herniated discs; low back pain; neck pain; migraine headaches, post traumatic pain; Raynaud’s Snydrome; reflect sympathetic dystrophy; complex regional pain syndromes; shingles; and strain/sprains of the neck, chest or back.

“The talent and experience that Dr. Neuendorf and Dr. Arif possess will further advance the cutting edge procedures being performed at the Jameson Pain Clinic,” Dr. Wrightson comments. “Radiofrequency Denervation and Percutaneous Disc Decompression are a sampling of the many highly technical methods that will be performed at the Clinic.” In addition, Dr. Neuendorf and Dr. Wrightson perform surgery to implant neurostimulators (spinal cord stimulators) and intrathecal drug delivery systems (medicine pumps) for pain conditions including but not limited to complex regional pain syndromes, failed back syndrome and cancer.

Currently, Dr. Wrightson is one of select physicians in the region to execute a unique method of Kyphoplasty to treat Vertebral Compression Fractures (VCFs), a commonly undiagnosed chronic pain that can cause complications such as inability to breathe. About one third of VCFs are actually diagnosed, because many patients and families regard back pain symptoms as “arthritis” or a normal part of aging.  He also administers the MILD Procedure - Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression,an outpatient procedure to treat pain associated with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS). The outpatient procedure gives immediate pain relief and improved mobility with quick recovery time.

Those who would like to attend the Free Pain Screening Event may register by calling the Jameson Pain Clinic at 724.656.6086. More information can be obtained by visiting