"Perfect Fit" 30 Year Knee Replacement

Date: 01/06/2012

Jameson Hospital is a select medical center in our region to offer the innovative 30 year knee replacement. This state-of-the-art technology provides each patient with a perfect anatomical fit, designed and tested to allow a less invasive procedure, as well as serve up to three times longer than materials and methods still practiced by most regional hospitals.

VERILAST 30-Year Total Knee Replacement
Traditional materials for knee replacement are expected to last from 10-14 years, requiring multiple revision surgeries for younger patients. VERILAST Technology is the world’s first knee replacement material tested to simulate 30 years of wear performance. Oxinium metal alloy with a ceramic-like surface and a cross-linked plastic component known as XLPE form a low-friction surface for both sides of the knee joint. Based on scientific literature reviews, a person who undergoes knee replacement surgery at age 45 would take 36 to 44 million steps over a 30 year period. The VERILAST Technology underwent three continuous years of laboratory-based simulation testing where implants were subjected to 45 million cycles, or steps, on a high-tech wear simulator.

VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Technology
Beyond unmatched durability and longevity - knee replacements performed at Jameson Hospital are also a perfect anatomical fit. VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Technology utilizes MRI and X-Ray images to design and build surgical instruments customized for the patient. While every person’s knee joint has subtle differences in shape and contour, traditional surgical instruments used to place knee implants are one-size-fits-all. With the new technology, orthopedic surgeons at Jameson Hospital met their patients in the operating room equipped with single-use instruments, engineered exclusively for the individual shortening the overall procedure and thus reducing risk of infection, reducing pain and speeding recovery time.


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