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Thomas E. Javery, M.D.
Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty in which a physician receive...
New Castle, Pennsylvania
Karen Jerome-Zapadka, M.D.

A gastroenterologist is a physician specializing in the treatment of d...
New Castle, PA
Geetha Jeyabalan, M.D.
Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is the treatment of surgery on diagnosed patients wit...
Pittsburgh , PA
Daniel J. Johnson, MD
Emergency Medicine

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Jens F. Jorgensen, D.M.D.
Dentistry - Oral Surgery

It is the specialty of dentistry that includes the diagnosis, surgical...
New Castle, PA
Tudor G. Jovin, M.D.
Neurology / Stroke

The telemedicine stroke program will involve the use of video and comp...
Pittsburgh, PA
Mohammad A. Jumaa, M.D.

A Neurologist is a physician specially trained in the medical care of ...
Pittsburgh, PA