Academic Policies

Academic Policies


Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Faculty reserve the right to dismiss any student whose academic achievement, health, conduct, or nursing practice make it inadvisable to permit continued enrollment in the program.


Student Handbook - Each student will receive a copy of the Student Handbook.  This Handbook contains detailed information regarding all School Policies for students enrolled in the program.
Academic Integrity
Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at the Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. Failure to adhere to the policy regarding academic integrity, which is contained in the Student Handbook, may necessitate dismissal from the School of Nursing.
Math Proficiency
Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing students are expected to maintain math proficiency skills throughout the program.  All students are required to take a math proficiency exam as part of the course requirement in each nursing course with a clinical component.  If the student is unsuccessful in meeting the established criteria, the student will be dismissed from the program.  Details concerning math proficiency are in the Student Handbook.
Social Media
Social media is a powerful communication tool that may have a significant impact on organizational, professional, and personal reputations.  Because social media can blur the lines between personal voice and institutional voice, Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing has developed a policy to clarify how best to enhance and protect personal and professional reputations when participating in social media.  Details concerning social media are in the Student Handbook.
Bullying/Cyber Bullying
Jameson Health System/Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing is committed to providing a safe, positive work environment for all employees, students, patients, and visitors.  The Health System/School of Nursing recognizes that bullying creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, detract from the safe environment necessary to provide patient care and work effectively, and may lead to more serious violence.  Therefore, Jameson Health System/Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing prohibits bullying in any form.  Bullying also includes cyber bullying.  Details concerning bullying are in the Student Handbook.
Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing students are expected to maintain a high level of scholarship throughout the program.  Grade distribution is as follows:
Theory Letter Grade Numerical Grade Grade Points
  A 94-100 4
  B 87-93 3
  C 80-86 2
  D 75-79 1
Clinical Grade:            S - Satisfactory          U-Unsatisfactory
The passing grade in theory for all courses is a "C" or 80%.  A nursing course consists of both theory and clinical practice components.  The student must successfully complete both components to pass the course.  If a student who has failed the theory portion of a course and seeks readmission, both the theory and clinical components must be repeated.  A student who has failed the clinical component of a course is not eligible for readmission.
Students progress through the program by meeting standards of academic achievement, attendance, and professional behavior as established by the School.  Promotion is dependent upon satisfactory achievement of course objectives and fulfillment of all Program Requirements.  (A "Satisfactory" grade in the clinical component of each nursing course and a grade of “C” or better in all courses is required).

Students are held accountable throughout the program for fulfilling Program Requirements.  School of Nursing Administration and/or Faculty has the right to discipline any student whose behavior is disruptive to or reflects adversely on, the School of Nursing and/or Jameson Memorial Hospital.
Probationary status may be utilized for students in a variety of circumstances which include, but is not limited to, the following:  Clinical performance which is not meeting the clinical course objectives, excessive absenteeism, unprofessional behavior, and failure to follow Program Requirements.  Complete details are in the Student Handbook.

To be eligible for graduation from the Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, a student must have met the following criteria:
  • A passing grade of "C" in all nursing courses, clinical and non-clinical.
  • Satisfactory clinical performance in all clinical components of each nursing course.
  • Demonstration of consistent progress in the practice of nursing.
  • Demonstration of personal growth and advancement.
  • Satisfied all financial obligations to the Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.
Graduates are awarded the diploma and pin of the School of Nursing.  They are eligible to take the examination for licensure as a Registered Nurse.


Graduation Awards
The following awards are given annually at graduation: 


Mark L. Rosenblum Student Nurse Scholarship Award
Awarded for outstanding scholastic achievement; to be used for advanced nursing education.
Rene D. Jenkins Memorial Award 
Presented for outstanding contribution to the School of Nursing.
Travis A. French Award 
Presented for exceptional ability and understanding in the care of the child-bearing family.
Lawrence County Medical Society Award
Presented for outstanding ethical conduct.
Jameson-Shenango Alumni Award 
Presented for the best all-around nurse chosen by the graduating class.
Spirit of Nursing 
Awarded by the School of Nursing Faculty to the graduate who best embodies the Spirit of Nursing.
Mary Ruth Heasley Award
Presented to the graduate who demonstrates excellence in the practice of nursing care of children.
St. Francis School of Nursing Alumni Award
Presented to the graduate who has demonstrated clinical excellence throughout their program of study.
Other awards may also be presented.