School of Nursing Prohibitive Offenses

School of Nursing Prohibitive Offenses

Prohibitive Offenses Contained in Act 169 of 1996 as Amended by Act 13 of 1997
Criminal Offense

Offense Code Prohibitive Offense Type of Conviction
CC2500 Criminal Homicide Any
CC2502A Murder I Any
CC2502B Murder II Any
CC2502C Murder III Any
CC2503 Voluntary Manslaughter Any
CC2504 Involuntary Manslaughter Any
CC2505 Causing or Aiding Suicide Any
CC2506 Drug Delivery Resulting in Death Any
CC2702 Aggravated Assault Any
CC2901 Kidnapping Any
CC2902 Unlawful Restraint Any
CC3121 Rape Any
CC3122.1 Statutory Sexual Assault Any
CC3123 Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse Any
CC3124.1 Sexual Assault Any
CC3125 Aggravated Indecent Assault Any
CC3126 Indecent Assault Any
CC3127 Indecent Exposure Any
CC3301 Arson and Related Offenses Any
CC3502 Burglary Any
CC3701 Robbery Any
CC3901 Theft

One (1) Felony
Two (2)
within the 3900 Series

CC3921 Theft By Unlawful Taking
CC3922 Theft By Deception
CC3923 Theft By Extortion
CC3924 Theft By Property Lost
CC3925 Receiving Stolen Property
CC3926 Theft of Services
CC3927 Theft By Failure to Deposit
CC3928 Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle
CC3929 Retail Theft
CC3929.1 Library Theft
CC3929.2 Unlawful Possession of
Retail or Library Theft Instrument
CC3930 Theft of Trade Secrets
CC3931 Theft of Unpublished
Dramas or Musicals
CC3932 Theft of Leased Properties
CC3933 Unlawful Use of a Computer
CC3934 Theft from a Motor Vehicle
CC4101 Forgery Any
CC4114 Securing Execution of
Documents by Deception
CC4302 Incest Any
CC4303 Concealing Death of a Child Any
CC4304 Endangering Welfare of a Child Any
CC4305 Dealing in Infant Children Any
CC4952 Intimidation of Witnesses or Victims Any
CC4953 Retaliation Against Witness or Victim Any
CC5902B Promoting Prostitution Felony
CC5903C Obscene or Other
Sexual Materials to Minors
CC5903D Obscene or Other Sexual Materials Any
CC6301 Corruption of Minors Any
CC6312 Sexual Abuse of Children Any
CS13A12 Acquisition of Controlled
Substance by Fraud
CS13A14 Delivery by Practitioner Felony
CS13A30 Possession with Intent to Deliver Felony
Illegal Sale of Non-Controlled Substance Felony
CS13A36 Designer Drugs Felony
CS13Axx* Any Other Felony Drug Conviction
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