Student Services

Student Services

Students are provided a list of textbooks.  They are responsible for purchasing nursing textbooks prior to each course. The School of Nursing does not have a book store, however students may access any of the following websites for books:,,,, and Barnes and Noble.  The publisher of the book can also be contacted.

Campus Security
Security for the School of Nursing facility is provided by Jameson Memorial Hospital Security Department.  Security officers routinely patrol the facility, inside as well as outside.  They are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere in and around the facility as a whole, through the enforcement of Hospital policies and standards.

The chief security officer, or his designee, participates in the Hospital and the School of Nursing orientation session.  During this session, he addresses topics such as parking, personal safety skills, security procedures, crime prevention, and the security of personal possessions. This information is reinforced at the beginning of the second year as part of the School’s annual mandatory in-service review.

During the first year, an educational program is presented to promote an awareness of rape and other sexual offenses.  This program is designed and presented by the Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County.  The information is reinforced during the second year of the nursing program.  In addition, a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SAFE Nurse) presents a program on sexual assault.

Security officers also patrol the facility's parking areas.  They are available to escort students to their cars 24 hours a day upon request.  Students are encouraged to use this escort service after dark and when traveling alone.

Disabled Persons
Disabled persons are considered for admission following an evaluation from a properly credentialed evaluator with a license/qualification congruent with the disability being evaluated and the current professional standards of practice.  This includes but is not limited to a licensed psychologist, neuropsychologist, or psychiatrist.  An evaluation from a primary care provider will not be accepted by the School of Nursing.  (Additional information is available upon request).

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Guidance and Counseling
Guidance and counseling services are provided to help the student find satisfying solutions to problems, adjust more readily to membership in the student group, and become a more effective individual in relating with others.  These services are available for each student.  Faculty members serve as advisors; each student is assigned to an advisor upon admission to the School. The student is free to consult the assigned advisor, other Faculty members, or the Hospital Chaplain for guidance and counseling.  The Hospital’s Employee Assistance Program is also available to the students.
Referral to consultation services outside the School is made as needed. 

Health Program
The purpose of the health program is to safeguard the student's health and to assist him/her in establishing positive physical and mental health habits.

Each student, before final acceptance, must have a complete physical and dental examination including laboratory studies, drug screen, and a dental and eye examination 2-3 months before entrance to the School of Nursing.  The required laboratory tests and the physical examination will be done through the Jameson Work Health Services at the expense of the student.  The dental examination is performed by the students’ dentist at the student’s expense. An annual health check also is done through Health Services.  The School of Nursing participates in random drug testing, which is conducted through Jameson Work Health Services.

The student health program is provided through Jameson Memorial Hospital Health Service, under the direction of a physician and a registered nurse.  The Health Service Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and students are encouraged to use this service when ill.  The Health Program is not designed to replace the family physician.  Therefore, students are encouraged to retain the services of their own physician.

Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing supports health promotion and a smoke-free environment.  All personnel, patients, visitors, and students must comply with Jameson Health System policies.  
Student health policies are outlined in detail in the Student Handbook.

Hospitalization Insurance
It is Strongly Recommended that each student purchase hospitalization insurance.  All medical and hospital costs are the responsibility of the student.  The student and his/her parents or spouse are responsible for all medical care not covered by the hospitalization plan.

All students must provide their own housing, if needed.  Notice of rental accommodations in the community are posted on the bulletin board as they become available.

Liability Insurance
All students are required to have professional liability insurance.  All students are automatically enrolled through a reputable insurance carrier and are billed at the beginning of each school year.

Meals are the responsibility of the student.  They may be purchased in the Hospital cafeteria (students pay the discounted employee rate), the hostess shop, or brought in from home.  Snack machines are located in the Hospital cafeteria and School of Nursing.

Car-pooling is strongly encouraged due to limited parking areas.  Off-site parking is available at Green Street.  Emergency call boxes are available in the parking areas.

Although the Hospital and School are nonsectarian, students are encouraged to attend the church of their choice.  A small Chapel is located in the center corridor on the second floor of the Hospital.

Student Council
The Student Council functions within the School.  All students are encouraged to attend meetings.  Participation in the organization provides students with an opportunity to develop personally, educationally, and professionally.
Members of Student Council, with the guidance of the Faculty advisor(s), make recommendations for changes related to the bylaws of Student Council, which are part of the Student Handbook.

Students have membership on three (3) designated Faculty organization committees.  

Details outlining responsibilities can be found in the Student Handbook.

Student Employment
Students may be employed while attending school.  As required by the Pennsylvania Licensure Law, when students are employed in health agencies, they may not be employed as registered or practical nurses unless they are currently licensed as such.  If employment is necessary, it cannot interfere with scheduled clinical or classroom experiences.  Students are eligible to take the State Tested Nurse Aide Examination at the end of the first year.

Violation of Student Rights Procedure
A grievance or complaint procedure, based on the statement of student rights (Student's Bill of Rights, Nursing Education Directive #14), is available to students.  The procedure is detailed in the Student Handbook.  (These rights are taken directly from the National Student Nurses’ Association “Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Students in Nursing”.)

Students are responsible for providing their own transportation for all field trips and to all educational facilities.

Regulation uniforms are required and are purchased through the School of Nursing.  Students are usually fitted at the School during June, prior to the beginning of the first semester.