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About Us: The Backstory To Our Affordable Prices And Great Services

Trust Pharmacy was established in 2010 for serving patients in Pennsylvania with mail orders. Since then, we have been extending our business and now deliver prescription and OTC drugs and other medical products all over the United States.

Our Mission

“We are here to serve our customer’s needs. And their needs are quality drugs and attractive prices. Maybe, it sounds quite common and not inspiring, but pharmacists should be more conservators rather than innovators and do their job accurately and faultlessly”, Andrew Goldsmith, Pharm D., CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors said at the annual company meeting in January 2020.

We are proud that, in almost a decade, purchasing specialists of TP have succeeded in reducing prices for 3–20% for a great number of products. The team of Trust Pharmacy is committed to investigating the ways how to reduce drug prices without compromising the quality. We do this by carefully selecting the supplier and negotiating discounts.

Facts and Numbers

Our Services

We provide comprehensive pharmacy services to fit the customer needs.

Rx refill online

Submit your prescription online and we feel it in 24 hours. With the automatic refill option, you can get your refill monthly with less effort.

OTC drugs

We have a wide selection of OTC drugs from different suppliers. If you are on a budget, you can always choose cheap generic analogs of brand medicines. We sell only FDA approved drugs.

Delivery to your door

We ship anywhere in the US. You can check for our delivery terms on the Shipping page.

Pharmacist advice

If you need a piece of advice, we have certified pharmacists to answer all your questions.

24/7 Support Service

Our pharmacists and technicians are always on duty to guide you through the process of shopping and improve your experience.

Pharmacists for Awareness

We are enthusiastic about educating people.

Our team understands how important for patients to be well informed about the medicines they take and their possible side effects, as well as about diseases and illnesses they treat. So, we cooperate with drug manufacturers and health providers to give our customers as much related information as possible. In our real stores, we give away leaflets and flyers explaining the essentials about medications and medical conditions.

When we do not have enough printed materials, we use digital means for educating customers. Our company blog posts informative articles about hot and popular topics and, on the contrary, about less discusses topics you may have overlooked. Browse our website for updates.

Our Customers Are Our Main Value

You are important for us. Only because of our customers, we have been working on the market for 10 years. Only because of you we can negotiate prices and deliver the best to people. We do it with open heart and appreciate all those people who make our sales growing. In return, we devote all our time to improve our work.

We are not one more online pharmacy: we are the service that cares about you.