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Our cookie policy helps protect the privacy of our clients

At our pharmacy, we value the privacy of all visitors. Our online platform uses cookies to improve your experience of using this website and we ensure that such cookies do not include personal information about individuals. To know more about cookies and how they work on our website, please read this Cookie Policy.

What are cookies and how are they used?

The majority of websites use cookies and it is a standard practice that enables more efficient operation of the website. Cookie data is anonymous and cookies cannot read information from your computer.

Cookies are small data files that get stored on your device when you visit a certain site and after you leave it. The intention behind using cookies is to make your user experience more pleasant. For instance, one of the ways this manifests is when products stay in your shopping cart while you continue to browse the Internet.

Cookies help make the process of using the website more effective. At the same time, as owners of the website, we can see how potential customers use the platform and can find different ways to improve it.

Some cookies are essential for proper use of the website but others can be viewed as those that help refine the experience. It should be mentioned that you can delete cookies in your browser at any moment but this will affect certain features that you can access when using our online pharmacy.

Browser cookies used by our store

The cookies we use help you navigate our website with ease and also make it more personal to you based on your activity.

The list of cookies we use includes the following:

Such cookies are necessary for the basic operation of the website. They allow you to access all areas of the website, log in, and more.

These types of cookies enable us to view the number of website visitors and see how potential customers navigate the website and its content. Analytical cookies make it possible for us to decide how to design the website in such a way that users can quickly find everything they need.

Such cookies are used to record information about which pages you visited on the websites, which links you clicked on, and such. The details we get with the help of these cookies allow us to adapt the website according to the needs of visitors.

These cookies allow us to show advertisements related to our services on other websites on the Internet.

Such cookies are designed to further personalize your experience of using the website. They help take note of your preferences, choose the content you may be interested in, and more.

Cookies can be deleted in your browser. Please remember that by deleting cookies or disabling them, your experience of using our website may become limited and you won’t be able to use certain features or access certain parts of the platform.

We have the right to change, add, or remove certain cookies at any moment without prior notice. The information about such changes will be added to our website. By continuing to use this website, you automatically agree that you are aware of and accept the changes.