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You insured safety for prescription drugs delivery

The FDA provides for a one-month limit on the validity of a prescription for medications. In the case of a chronic illness requiring daily treatment, doctors are allowed to prescribe a drug for more than one month, indicating either the number of renewals or the total duration of treatment.

In any case, the validity period of the prescription cannot exceed one year. Be careful to keep the original prescription that will be requested by the pharmacist for each new issue. It should be noted that pharmacists are authorized to deliver an additional pack of medications to the patient who has not found the time or has forgotten to have his prescription renewed (exceptional dispensing on the basis of an expired prescription).

This delivery is possible on the basis of a renewable prescription the validity period of which has expired. A patient will be invited for a reproduction of treatment (order of at least 3 months) the interruption of which could be detrimental to one’s state of health. This procedure is exceptional and cannot be repeated for the same prescription. Large packs are limited to certain drugs. When a treatment is prescribed for a period of at least three months, including the one with multiple renewals of a monthly treatment, and a large package is available for the medicine concerned or for its generic form.

Note, that not all drugs are available in large packaging including some that would lend themselves to it. The list of medications available in large forms can be found here. If you are required to take a drug from this list, the large package will not necessarily be available from the beginning of treatment. And for good reason it is important to take into account the situations of initiation of chronic treatments for which the prescription of a less important conditioning is desirable to ensure the good tolerance of the newly established treatment.

In case of long stay abroad, how to get treatment there?

A pharmacist does not normally have the possibility of delivering a treatment for more than 4 weeks, except when it exists in large packaging and is prescribed for at least three months. But, if you go abroad more than a month, a derogatory procedure allows a pharmacist to deliver at one time a quantity of drugs corresponding to treatment duration of more than 4 weeks. A specific agreement from patient’s doctor and his health insurance fund should normally be presented to the pharmacist to deliver the drugs in this context. In all cases, the duration of treatment issued at one time because of a departure abroad cannot exceed 6 months.

Secure drug delivery

One of Trust Pharmacy’s core business areas is transportation of medicines. As soon as possible and at competitive prices, we deliver medicines to any city in the world. Our competitive advantages:

Safety and quality of the delivered goods is always a priority of our company. Our experts will take care of reliable and proper packaging and careful transportation of your order placed with Trust Pharmacy. Our company provides transportation of medicines not only in Canada and the U.S., but also far beyond. Prompt execution of orders is one of the key benefits of our organization. We organize express delivery around the world in record time.

Our services

Send your request, and we will introduce you in more detail with the terms and cost of delivery, as well as select the optimal solution facing your tasks. We have a vast experience and quality work in many clinics and laboratories from different cities of our country. We carry out prompt delivery of Trust Pharmacy medicines. Direct auto delivery reduces waiting time.

Shortest time at low cost

We use the most optimal logistics solutions. Direct arrangements help us organize air transportation. During the transportation of goods, we clearly track compliance with the necessary temperature conditions. You can make an order for drug delivery to any city; information about terms of transportation can be obtained from our managers.

We will form complete sets, prepare all the necessary documentation, ensure the correct storage and transportation of medicines. Trust Pharmacy’s qualified staff knows all the intricacies of transportation and will be able to cope with the most difficult task. You can leave a request for transportation of medical goods on our website.