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Instructions on How to order at our pharmacy

If you know at least approximately the name of a medicine or other product, you need to use the search bar the window of which is on every page of our website. Start typing a trade name and you will automatically be offered options along with a picture of the product. You will not be mistaken if you simply look at the result as you type the name. You can use the alphabetical list of drug names – it is also on each page under the main menu. In the main menu, you can choose one of the sections of the catalogue (‘Medicines and Supplements’, ‘Men`s Health’ and others). There you will find various categories of products related to various departments of our pharmacy online store. Please, note that all product photos are for guidance only. The manufacturer does not notify us of a change in packaging design. For dosages and other parameters, check with the operator.

How to make a purchase in our pharmacy

Looking through the search results, or a particular category of goods or a specific product, you see the ‘Add to Basket’ button which will automatically allocate the product you need into a user’s basket – similar to a cart in a supermarket. You can manually change the quantity of the product you need by changing ‘1’ to the number you need. At any time, you can view the contents of your basket, see the total order amount, change the number of items ordered.

How to place an order at Trust Pharmacy

The checkout phase begins when you click on the ‘checkout’ button in the basket. The order placed includes all goods present in the basket, and in the quantity that you indicated for each of the selected items. To place an order you need to register. After that, you will be asked to enter your contact details (some of the fields are required), a delivery method and a payment method. Various 4-hour delivery intervals are available, for example, 9:00–13:00, 11:00–15:00, etc.

Delivery features when placing an order

When placing an order from around the clock by phone or via e-mail, Express delivery is possible at checkout until 12:00 next day delivery from 9:00 to 22:00. The order is ready, click the ‘confirm order’ button. In a few minutes, you will receive the same Document by e-mail (just in case, check the spam folder). From this moment we begin to form your order, after some time our consultant will contact you to clarify the details of the order.

How is the delivery of the order processed

Your order, after its formation, falls into the delivery service and you receive the order in individual packaging, the following documents are attached to it: cash receipt and certificate of goods (on request). You need to carefully check the order itself (by quantity and price).

All in all, before you start shopping, we recommend that you log in to Trust Pharmacy website by using your username and password or go through the registration process.

Select products

On the product page you can examine technical specifications, availability of necessary products at the warehouse and a lot of useful information on the product. To order, you need to select the number of packages and add them to the basket. Click the “Add to Basket” button. After clicking on it, the selected quantity will be added to the Basket. Changes appear in the block in the upper right corner of the screen. You can continue to add products to the basket, and to place an order, click the ‘Basket’ button and you’ll be redirected to your order list to proceed further.


In the basket, you can adjust your order: change the number of items and delete goods. To continue, click the ‘Checkout’ button.

Select a delivery mode

From the list of pharmacies, choose the most convenient one for you. Indicate pharmacy address, opening hours and a phone number. Click the ‘Choose a pharmacy’ button.

Contact Information

Fill in your personal data: name and email address to which the confirmation letter will be sent. Select a payment method and check the box confirming your agreement with the terms of the pharmacy. To continue, click the ‘Place an order’ button. Please, note: if you are already registered on the website and when placing the order you are not authorized under your account, when you enter the phone number and e-mail, you will see a notification that the data is already being used for another account. In this case, you can specify another phone number or email address that you have, or click on the login link and log in using your account. If you need to restore the password for logging in, use the remember password link. There are two ways to recover a password – by specifying an e-mail or phone number in the appropriate tabs and clicking the ‘reset password’ button.

Order Confirmation

After placing the order, confirmation appears that your order has been accepted. Check the correctness of your contact details, and if something is wrong, the error can be corrected in the Personal Account (upper right corner).

Order Tracking

Get information on your order and procedure of changing its status using SMS messages and e-mail.