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Guidelines To Patient Rights & Responsibilities

We value each and every of our visitors. Did you know that as a valuable customer and a patient you have a number of responsibilities and rights when you are dealing with our pharmacy? We are publishing an extensive list of patient’s rights and responsibilities to make our customers aware of these in order to be more confident and thoughtful when shopping or receiving services. Regardless if you are a regular receiving chronic medications from us, or just fetching a needful urgent pill when you find you or the member of your family has fallen sick, or the one who are using the pharmacy’s services, like blood pressure measures, cholesterol level tests, or taking a flu test, — you will benefit from learning these rights and responsibilities and becoming more aware.

Patient’s Responsibilities

As a patient it is your personal responsibility to adhere to following:

Remember, that a pharmacist is there to answer all your questions and concerns regarding your medications, health plans and options, as well as for giving you lifestyle advises and other health services. You, as a patient, is ultimately responsible for quality of the healthcare you will receive.

Patient’s Rights

Please be aware, that as a patient you are not just receiving the right medication and healthcare services. You have a number of rights as a patient and you should always remember these.

As a patient, you have the right:

All pharmacists as well as assistant pharmacists employed by our Pharmacy are to adhere to promotion of public health care. Should you notice or experience un-ethical or un-professional conduct on the part of any employees in our Pharmacy, please report immediately and anonymously to the management of the Pharmacy.

Other Expectations Pertaining to Your Rights

As our patient you have the right also to the following:

Be informed that in the event that our Pharmacy would not be able for any reason to provide you with the service needed for your specific treatment, you can be offered services of another healthcare provider.