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Privacy Policy

Registration on the website

The personal data of a buyer requested during the purchase or registration in our online pharmacy are necessary for placing an order and providing related services. Personal data includes any information about a buyer that allows him to identify his personality. An exception is information permitted for distribution by the legislation of the U.S. and Canada.


By accepting the terms of the privacy policy, you provide reliable data about yourself in accordance with the legislation of the U.S. and Canada, you consent to their processing by Trust Pharmacy. We guarantee non-disclosure of information received from users and also ensure its safe storage, protection against unauthorized access, prevention of any distortion, loss or dissemination of customer data. The term for processing personal data of buyers is not defined and is limited by the duration of the licenses for the activities of the pharmacy. In addition, the processing of personal information is terminated upon written request by a user to Trust Pharmacy. In the event that a user withdraws personal information the pharmacy may continue processing personal data of a user without his consent.

Data covered by privacy policy

The privacy policy of our website applies to any personal information that is required to provide a user with services and is indicated when registering or placing an order. Such information includes:

Also, protection extends to automatic data that Trust Pharmacy website receives when a user visits pages. Such data includes:

In the process of processing, we can perform the following actions with the data indicated above: accumulate, collect, organize and store; clarify, use and retrieve; transfer to study the needs of the buyer and improve the quality of our services; depersonalize, remove and destroy.

Why is personal information requested?

The company accepts the obligation to fulfill orders as efficiently as possible and provide quality customer service. For this, processing of personal data of the buyer is necessary. They can be used in our online pharmacy to:

Who has access to personal information?

All data on Trust Pharmacy website is carefully protected and not transferred to third parties. Can personal data be disclosed? The transfer of personal data of our clients is regulated by the legislation of the U.S. and Canada or is carried out with the permission of a user. Trust Pharmacy has the right to disclose data to authorized representatives of the authorities by decision of the court or on the basis of cases provided by law. Also, personal information can be disclosed if it is necessary to protect the property and rights of an online pharmacy and to ensure the safety of its employees.

How to get information?

In case of disputes and for more information, you can send an e-mail. The existing site privacy policy may be changed at the discretion of the management of