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Patient Discretion and Responsibly Dispensed Services

Our team members are all experienced medical and pharmaceutical specialists. We cooperate with numerous independent organizations, scientific centers, and medical institutions. Our aim is to provide you with flawless service, affordable treatment solutions, and helpful information about the brand and generic medications, as well as with the info about their side effects.

We don’t promote self-medication. Each pack of pills we offer was produced in line with governmental healthcare regulations. We work in cooperation with practitioners, physicians, and laboratory technicians to promote high-quality meds that will not drain your family budget.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Infection Control

Our pharmaceutical specialists work in cooperation with Infection Control Specialists. They consult us on drug-resistant organisms and help us pick out the most universal and safe antibiotics. The professionalism of our pharmacists combined with the experience of our independent staff members helps us pick out the best courses of treatments for the patients.

Inpatient Hospital Pharmacy

We collaborate with a number of hospitals in the US. We also deal with the studies of the effects of recently released medicines. Trust Pharmacy provides meds for hospitalized patients as well as for online customers. Prescription drugs, as well as necessary over-the-counter medications, are sent to hospitals. We offer a wide range of medications, and bulk purchases will help you and your relatives save a lot of money on healthcare in case if you suffer from chronic pains and illnesses.

Outpatient Pharmacy

This area of work implies partial telemedicine services and regular communication with customers from all over the country. We want to emphasize the fact that we only provide you with informative services in addition to the sales of prescription drugs. Keep in mind that you should strictly follow your physician’s instructions in order to get proper treatment.

PE & ED Treatment

We deal with the sales of intimate treatments to beat Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. We also have remedies for women suffering from weak sexual performance and inability to enjoy their intimacy with partners. These are prescription brand drugs and generics extremely popular all over the world.

Cheap & Safe Generics

Generics are perfect substitutes for expensive meds. We offer medications with the same active ingredients in the composition produced by licensed manufacturers and sold by trustworthy suppliers. They have different names and design, but they will cost you less and give you a chance to save on your recovery. Contact our management 24/7 to find out more about the positive effects and side effects of generic drugs.