What to Take from Meds on Vacation: Top 10 Solutions


It’s always better to be overly prepared than not have your essentials with you when you need them. Regardless of where you decide to travel, it’s an excellent idea to bring medications that work. In this way, you don’t have to run to the local pharmacies if you experience some mild health issues. Here are 10 medications that you should have in your bag when traveling.

Pain relief drug

There are many situations when traveling that can cause you to get some mild pain. You may carry a heavy bag around a city, walk until your back and feet begin to ache, get menstrual cramps, or suffer from a headache due to jet lag. When you are in pain, you can’t fully enjoy your vacation so having some options that can make you feel better is definitely something you want to do. Trust Pharmacy specialists recommend having at least one pain killer with you on a trip. The options to look into include Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin.


Even if you are someone who is not prone to allergies, you should still have an antihistamine product with you on a trip. You may eat something you have never eaten before or come in contact with new plants that can trigger an allergic reaction. It’s best that you have drugs, such as Claritin or Zyrtec in your bag for such situations. Still, if an allergic reaction gets severe, it’s important to get medical help.

Antidiarrheal drug

Those who travel a lot are probably already familiar with the so-called traveler’s diarrhea that can unexpectedly change your plans. With an antidiarrheal drug in your bag, you will feel a lot more confident and be sure that you can deal with the symptoms if they occur. It’s important to be careful and cook your food properly but sometimes even this may not help and you can catch some local bacteria. The most widely used drugs in this situation include Pepto-Bismol and Immodium.

Cold remedies

Getting a cold when traveling is extremely common and it often happens because you are constantly exposed to germs. The treatment of colds is symptomatic, so you should have products that will provide you some relief and make your trip more pleasant. You can take Sudafed as your decongestant and Mucinex to help with coughing and make sure that you take it easy and get enough rest.

Sleep aid

Jet lag is something that can completely mess with your plans. If you fly for several hours and find yourself in a completely different time zone, it may take several days for you to adjust and feel normal again. For this reason, having sleep aid can help you fall asleep at night in the new country so you can feel rested the next day. The best solution for temporary sleep issues is Melatonin, which is the supplement that contains a chemical that makes us fall asleep naturally. It doesn’t cause addiction and all you need to do is take it about half an hour before sleep.

Motion sickness relief

Motion sickness can significantly affect your day when traveling and if you are prone to it, you need to have some drugs with you to get rid of dizziness and nausea. You need to take a medication of this type before you get on a train, ship, bus, or any other transport that may cause you to experience motion sickness. Some of the most commonly used medicines for this issue include Dramamine and Bonine.


It’s not just traveler’s diarrhea that can put you in an uncomfortable state as another problem you may experience is constipation. A lot of people eat junk food on the go when on vacation and neglect their water intake, which increases the risk of this unfortunate issue. It’s important to stick to a certain routine even when you are away but having a mild laxative just in case is something you shouldn’t underestimate. A great option to consider taking with you is Dulcolax.

Antacid medicine

When traveling, you obviously want to taste new foods and drinks, but this exposes you to the risk of getting heartburn or stomach ache. You don’t ever know how your body will react to unusual meals, so having an antacid in your bag is essential. Even if you happen to eat something that causes a negative reaction in your stomach, you can deal with it if you have Pepcid or TUMS with you.

Cream against skin irritations

Hydrocortisone cream is something you should have on you regardless of where you travel. This multi-purpose product can save your skin from various irritations caused by certain plants, insects, and more. It’s especially relevant if you plan to spend your time out in nature and if you travel to a tropical country.

Antibiotic or antibacterial cream

Another type of cream that you should take with you is an antibiotic one, such as Neosporin. Whether you get a scratch or a cut when you are out and about, it’s important to properly disinfect the wound and apply a cream. Using such a cream will help your cut heal faster and thus prevent it from getting infected further.

Have easy access to important products

Depending on where you travel to, it’s likely that you will have access to pharmacies, but it’s always much better to have the most essential products with you. It’s not fun when you have to go to a drugstore in a foreign country to find some medications if you don’t feel well. Packing a well-rounded first-aid kit with the mentioned products will save you from anxiety and help you enjoy your vacation a lot more.

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