Where Are the Cheapest Drugs in Your Neighborhood?


How to make a person feel uncomfortable? Tell him a price for a prescribed drug, and let others see how he refuses to pay for it. Such stories are so awkward from two points of view. First off, one drug can cost ridiculously high, and then, queueing for long to buy an analog it is a waste of time. Another problem is that doctors always advise patients to go to one or another pharmacy. Why? Because they cooperate and receive a percentage of sales. Meanwhile, the pharmacies found in the dormitory districts lack the clients but can boast their affordable prices.

How to Get a Cheap Drug?

Let’s discover the ways of getting a cheap remedy from a doctor. Dedicated experts are now considered to be more enemies than friends, and it is because people think they charge for everything. But, sometimes it does not depend on them but governmental institutions and pharmacists who develop the medications. When you go for a consultation with a doctor, follow the next steps:

  • When you have been prescribed a drug, check online if there are cheaper analogs, and show them a doctor. He cannot deny if they match the criteria of designated treatment. Thus, a person will receive official permission for their application and a new prescription for a drug that will cost much less.
  • Ask to prescribe not the whole package but a particular number of pills. Some pharmacies distribute the drugs only in a sealed package without separating them in blisters. In this case, a person overpays. Moreover, some drugs when the treatment is over are laying for ages on the shelves inside the fridge. If it is possible, a doctor should mention how much pills are necessary to buy. It is also illegal to upsell the whole package without the previous consent of a customer. If a package is applicable for dividing it in blisters, a customer has a law on his side.
  • Choose generics over the brands. For example, if dealing with erectile dysfunction, it is better to turn to generics application. They have the same properties and cost cheaper. While the brand has nothing unique except the brand title itself.

Now, let’s move on to the instructions on how to find the cheapest medicines within your neighborhood.

Where to Look For?

First of all, organize a comparing activity. Open a map, and see where are the nearest pharmacies. Check their timings, and promotions if available. Very rare but effective some drugstore that works 24/7 offers midnight promotions. Therefore, a person can get access to any medication even late at night, and at a reduced cost.

Drugs in Your Neighborhood

  • Find out the cash price. Yes, sometimes a cash price may be lower than offered if using an insurance cover.
  • Check for mail order. If your insurance allows doing co-pays, there is a high probability it possesses some benefits when ordering online.
  • Look for the coupon. If one pharmacy located nearby has its website, look there for a coupon that can be applied when buying a drug in person.
  • Discover if there are online pharmacy branches, thus it will be possible to order and buy generics and brands with extra discounts and promotions.

Moreover, any hospital has a list of pharmacies for people who cannot afford to buy expensive medicines. Any person may use it and save the pocket from expenses.

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